Enviro-cide™ Ruby

Enviro-cide™ Ruby contains 80% organic and 20% synthetic compounds which, when combined, forms an extremely versatile Biocide.
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The Benefits of Enviro-cide™ Ruby

  • Effective at both high & low temperatures, 30˚C to 130˚C
  • Effective at both alkaline and acid conditions, pH range from 2 to 12
  • Environmentally friendlier Biocide
  • Assists as a natural surfactant and friction reducer
  • Reduces surface tension (1000ppm to 35 Dynes)
  • Effective against SRB, APB and IRB bacterial types
  • Emulsifying and de-emulsifying properties
  • Non-corrosive
  • Safer for workers health and considerably lower in toxicity than conventional Biocides
  • Compatible with most slick water drilling fluids

Enviro-cide™ Ruby assists in: 

  • the treatment of fracking fluids, drilling fluids, sour well prevention & maintenance and packer fluids as well as secondary petroleum recovery

Enviro-cide™ Ruby boast’s:

  • stability and efficacy at extremes in operating temperatures from 30˚C to 130˚C and a pH range from 2 to 12

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