Enviro-cide™ SQ Coating

Sept 19, 2016


Why you don't need antibacterial soap: An FDA ruling on Sept. 2 bans the use of triclosan, triclocarban and 17 other antiseptics from household soaps because they have not been shown to be safe or even have any benefit....more

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Jan 6, 2017


We're proud to announce that "ESC" will be opening new offices and laboratory facilities in Kannapolis North Carolina at the Murdock Center in 2017......more

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​​​Enviro-cide™ SQ Coating

is the first industry silica dust control & antimicrobial treatment solution that uses preventative technology to solve dusting throughout the product lifecycle and addresses issue of pumping contaminated proppant down hole. 

  • The Benefits of Enviro-cide™ S.Q Coating
    • Reduces Friction
    • Non Leaching anti microbial coating
    • Reduces the effect of agley contamination in the fracture
    • Controls the microbial population living in the proppant
    • Improves proppant sand integrity & floatability
    • Increases proppant sand pumping distance
    • Meet silica exposure limits
    • Remove unnecessary bulky equipment
    • Eliminate dozens of unsafe tripping hazards
    • Eliminate dust & vacuum related maintenance hassles
    • Reduce well-site downtime
    • Minimize loss of conductivity caused by pneumatic transfer
    • Eliminate nuisance silica dust build-up throughout the product lifecycle
    • Improve the effectiveness of existing dust controls throughout the supply chain
    • Operations may remain uncovered, with unlimited access to blender and belt areas
    • Conveniently and safely access critical equipment
    • Eliminate hauling bulky, burdensome vacuum equipment to and from your well site
    • Eliminate the need to dispose of toxic silica dust

OCT 28, 2015


"ESC" is proud to announce the issue of two PRMA  5 year experimental permit approval # 2015 6838 & 6839 for our biocides.


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