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Corporate Headquarters:

160 Quarry Park Blvd SE, Suite 300, Calgary Alberta T2C 3G3 Canada  |  (Ph)   +1 (403)-570-8507 |  (Fax) +1 (403) -724-0091  |


my-shield® Hospital Grade Disinfectant:

ESC Brands® Top of Hand Treatment: ​Far more than just the best hand-cream you’ll ever use, Our Supplamine-rich formula was developed to treat one of the most vulnerable and visible parts of your skin: the tops of your hands.

ESC Brands® Advanced Formula: Specifically created for hard-to-treat areas like the neck, chest and upper arms, our Advanced Formula is gentle enough for the face.

Jan 6, 2017


We're proud to announce that "ESC" will be opening new offices and laboratory facilities in Kannapolis North Carolina at the Murdock Center in 2017......more

ESC Brands® Moisturizing Toner:

Infused with Supplamine, Sodium Hyaluronate to maintain moisture, Multi Fruit Acids for gentle exfoliation, Trinity Tea Complex to fight free radicals, Arnica to reduce irritation and Calendula to soothe and heal skin, this Amino Acid-rich, antioxidant complex provides accelerated cellular repair.



Personal Care Products

ESC Brands® Face Treatment:
Our brilliant Face Treatment is built around Supplamine, our patented, powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient serendipitously discovered during clinical medical research.

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ESC Brands® Beauty Products




Our products contain our patented Supplamine, the only skin-care ingredient with clinically proven, toxic sugar-blocking technology to reverse the appearance of aging skin; stop glycation, inflammation, and oxidative stress; boost collagen production; soften wrinkles; even skin tone and reduce or eliminate hyperpigmentation and age spots.

With serious medical science behind its discovery and development, Supplamine has been proven to deliver measurable results in 14 days.

Our brilliant Face Treatment is built around Supplamine, our patented, powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient serendipitously discovered during clinical medical research. Formulated specifically to add glow, smoothness and resilience to facial skin. Our Face Treatment with Supplamine fights aging and boosts natural collagen production gently and effectively.

  • Acid-free, peel-free — a healthier face treatment alternative
  • Allergy tested
  • Scientifically formulated
  • Non-irritating
  • Recommended for all skin types
  • Our brilliant single dose press-down pump always dispenses the right amount

Key Ingredients:

Supplamine: Patented ingredient to intercept and reverse glycation, inflammation and metabolic oxidation caused by 3DG sugars in the skin

  • Jojoba Oil  – Emolliency similar to natural oil structure produced by the skin
  • Evening Primrose  – Clears pathway to allow barrier penetration
  • Squalene – Hydrates by increasing natural moisture within the skin
  • Vitamin E   – Healing antioxidant
  • Aloe  – Natural anti-irritant to reduce inflammation

Sept 19, 2016


Why you don't need antibacterial soap: An FDA ruling on Sept. 2 bans the use of triclosan, triclocarban and 17 other antiseptics from household soaps because they have not been shown to be safe or even have any benefit....more

my-shield® Anti-Microbial Burn Treatment

OCT 28, 2015


"ESC" is proud to announce the issue of two PRMA  5 year experimental permit approval # 2015 6838 & 6839 for our biocides.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Products.

my-shield® Anti-Microbial Scar Treatment


my-shield® Hospital Grade Disinfectant

ESC Brands® Eye Treatment:​Infused with a triple combination of proven botanicals, this Supplamine blend is clinically proven to reverse the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles as it hydrates, renews, brightens and firms the delicate and easily damaged skin beneath and around the eyes.

ESC Brands® Redness Relief: Combats skin inflammation, redness and irritation while promoting healing. The natural soothing extracts of aloe, burdock root, comfrey, allantoin, licorice and ginger combine with Supplamine, to soothe sensitive and rosacea-prone skin while treating the harmful effects of glycation that lead to skin aging.